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Custom Made Stainless Steel Popcorn Production Center


  • Stainless steel hopper unit with conveyor belt
  • 3 Creators (32 oz. poppers)
  • Step with working platform
  • Stainless steel sink for supplies with platform
  • Manley Model 315 Caramel Corn Cooker with rolling cooling cart.

This production center came from a CORNPOPPER store and is ready to make you pounds and pounds of popcorn per hour. One operator stands on the platform, fills the kettles from the supplies stored in the stainless steel sink and the popcorn pops. As the kettles dump the corn, the conveyer transports it to the Old Maid Tumbler to discard the unpopped and small kernels. Then a second operator can bag or containerize the corn for further processing.

Included in this setup is a Manley Model 315 Caramel Corn maker with agitator and temperature gauges. Once the buzzer sounds, you dump in your popcorn and let the unit do all the work. When the corn is sufficiently coated, just dump it into the rolling cooling cart and start your next batch.

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